Year 3 Transition

Will my child spend time at Moat Farm Juniors before September? 

There is a transition visit planned for children from Year 2 who have been allocated a place at Moat Farm Juniors in September 2020. Pupils will spend part of the morning getting to know their way around the building, meeting their teachers, and will also complete a few simple writing tasks.

Will parents have a chance to visit Moat Farm Juniors?
There will be Year 2 Parents’ Induction meetings in July at the school. At the meetings, Ms Stone the Head Teacher, will share with parents and carers useful information about your child joining the school. Other key members of staff will also be available to answer any questions you may have and you will also have an opportunity to meet your child’s class teacher and visit the classrooms.

What contact will there be between Moat Farm Infants, other schools and Moat Farm Juniors?
We work closely with Moat Farm Infants in preparation for their move from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. Members of the leadership team have visited the Infants to meet with their staff and discuss the needs of individual pupils. We also contact the schools for those pupils joining us who are not at the Infants, to ensure a good start to Year 3.

What will happen if my child has Special Educational Needs? 
Our SENCO and the Senior Leadership team, will liaise with your child’s current school and other agencies involved, to ensure that we have all the information needed for a smooth transition. We will meet the pupils and their teachers to ensure that children are provided with the right level of support when they attend Moat Farm Juniors. Please contact us if you feel you need to make an appointment to discuss your child further.  


What correspondence will I receive before September?
You will receive an induction pack in July, which includes all the information we need (i.e. current address, 3 different contact details and medical notes etc) before your child starts at Moat Farm, as well as useful information for you. It will give you details about the ethos of the school, timings of the school day, uniform and expectations for attendance.

What happens if my child has specific medical needs? 
You will be asked to complete a form in your induction pack which will provide us with the information we need. We have many first aid trained staff, who work close to the Medical Room. If you have any concerns about the medical needs of your child, please do contact the school to make an appointment with Mrs Moulder, to discuss this further.

What will happen on the first day of term? 
Your children will go to the lower school playground and the teachers will all be outside from 8.30am onwards. At  8.30am, the first bell will go and the children will enter school with their class teacher. The doors remain open for 25 minutes to give parents flexibility if they have to be in other school playgrounds, for the morning drop off. Doors will close at 8.55am.

What options are there for lunch?
We have our school meals provided by Dolce, the same provider as the Infants use. If you wish your child to have a school meal, it will need to be booked online in advance and payment sent into school. Our wonderful ICT technician, Miss Groves, is around to support in the mornings, if parents are having difficulty logging online.