We hope you have a fun filled summer holiday! See you on 3rd September 2019.
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Teaching Staff

Moat Farm Junior School

Teaching Staff 18/19

Mrs A Scotney
Deputy Head
Ms L Stone
Head Teacher
Mrs E Shaw
Deputy Head

Mrs N Poole
Assistant Head Teacher for Behaviour and English / Year 5 Class Teacher
Mr L Climpson
Assistant Head Teacher for Maths and PE / Year 6 Class Teacher

Year 6

Mr L Climpson
Year 6 Class Teacher & Assistant Head Teacher for Maths and PE
Mr J McCormick
Year 6 Class Teacher
Mrs N Takhar
Year 6 Class Teacher (3 days)
Mrs C Kettle-Moore
Year 6 Class Teacher (2 days)
Mr S Kettle
Year 6 Class Teacher & Curriculum Lead

Year 5

Mrs N Poole
Year 5 Class teacher & Assistant Head Teacher for behaviour and English
Miss S Grewal
Year 5 Class Teacher & Writing across curriculum lead
Miss J Roberts
Year 5 Class Teacher & Higher Attainer Provision Lead
Mrs S Millard
Year 5 Class Teacher

Year 4

Mrs G Wilding
Year 4 Class Teacher & Teaching and Learning Lead
Mr J Gregory
Year 4 Class Teacher
Miss R Smith
Year 4 Class Teacher
Mrs L Cope
Year 4 Class Teacher

Year 3

Mr P Deane
Year 3 Class Teacher
Mr J Darby
Year 3 Class Teacher
Mrs R Rowley
Year 3 Class Teacher & Reading Lead
Mrs J Moulder
Year 3 Class Teacher, SENCO & Science Lead
Mrs K Law
Year 3 Class Teacher

PPA Teachers

Mrs C Perry
Music Teacher
Mr D Adams
French Teacher
Mrs H Burrows
Art Teacher
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