Summer HT 1; School is still only open for children of key workers and all pupils should be checking the website daily for work. If any pupils wish to talk to someone in confidence about anything worrying them please email
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Teaching Staff

Moat Farm Junior School

Teaching Staff 19/20

Mrs A Scotney
Deputy Head
Ms L Stone
Head Teacher
Mrs E Shaw
Deputy Head

Year 6

Mr J McCormick
Year 6 Class Teacher
Mr S Kettle
Year 6 Class Teacher & Curriculum Lead
Mrs G Wilding
Mr J Gregory

Year 5

Miss J Roberts
Year 5 Class Teacher & Higher Attainer Provision Lead
Mrs S Millard
Year 5 Class Teacher
Mrs J Moulder
Mrs C Kettle-Moore
Mrs N Takhar

Year 4

Miss R Smith
Year 4 Class Teacher
Miss S Waterfield
Mr L Climpson
Mr P Deane

Year 3

Mr J Darby
Year 3 Class Teacher
Mrs R Rowley
Year 3 Class Teacher & Reading Lead
Mrs S Grewal
Mrs S Miles

PPA Teachers

Mrs C Perry
Music Teacher
Mr D Adams
French Teacher
Mrs H Burrows
Art Teacher
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