April 2015     PE and sport premium update

  • The PE and sport premium allocation for current academic year was £9972.00 . Of this total we have spent £2945.00.
  • The PE and sport premium allocation for the upcoming academic year 2015-6 is £10,345.00.
  • Therefore our current position in April 2015 is that we have a total of £17,327.00 sport premium to allocate between now and the end of academic year 2016.

Funding spent so far from 2014-5 was spent as follows:

  • New PE resources including stock and planning materials
  • CPD for specific staff including cover costs
  • Free after school club – ACRO
  • Swimming lessons for identified pupils
  • Membership with YouthSport Trust
  • Cyber Coach
  • Transport to enable pupils to participate in competition

Please see attached action plan for further details on the spendng for 2014-5.
MFJS PE Sport Premium Plan April 15

Please also see IMPACT reports for swimming and Fun Fit interventions.
Swimming Interventions 2014 Impact Report

Looking forward to end of 2015 and the academic year 2015-6 we intend to allocate funding as follows:

  • CPD for identified teaching staff – coaches to be employed from Sandwell Leisure Trust to work alongside and upskill our teaching staff during PE lessons
  • CPD for support staff – coaches to be employed from Sandwell Leisure Trust to work alongside and upskill our lunchtime support staff in delivering playground activities
  • New PE stock for playground lunch activities as requested by student council
  • Health and wellbeing resources to enable before and after school clubs to make healthy snacks, for example smoothie making equipment, recipe books
  • Physical activity diary for all pupils
  • New kit for pupils attending competition
  • Outdoor adventurous activities – provide pupils with new experiences
  • Cyber Coach
  • Swimming interventions for identified weak/non-swimmers in Summer term 2016
  • New after school provision with Sandwell Leisure Trust based on pupil choice
  • Training for targeted G&T Athletics group in preparation for the Sainsbury’s school games festival in June 2015
  • Moat Farm running event at local park venue Summer 2016
  • Transport for taking pupils to external competition
  • Prizes and rewards for intra competition
  • Continue Fun-Fit intervention with groups of targeted pupils


As part of our membership with Youth Sport Trust, we have also recently completed the online self-review tool. This information has given us the status of an emerging Bronze quality mark school. We have analysed areas of need for our P.E. curriculum and have written a new updated action plan, which is attached and has further details of our spending plans.