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Reading has a high profile at Moat Farm. It is the key to effective learning. Children are encouraged to appreciate books, to read independently, to make good progress and to take immense pleasure in reading. We aim to foster skills which will remain with the children for life. 

We aspire to support our children to become language rich. We believe that this can be best achieved through reading widely and reading ambitiously.

Reading Newsletter September 2020

Reading Intent, Implementation and Impact at Moat Farm

The National Curriculum – Reading

We would love you to be a part of this celebration of reading; share your favourite books to read together, enjoy the schedule of activity from each of the organisations involved. Click on the image to take you directly to the page.

Moat Farm brings Reading to Life

Click on the image above to see how Moat Farm brings reading to life. Here you will find: activities, competitions, reading blog, book reviews and much more!

Teacher’s Book Reviews

June 2020 Teacher Book Reviews

May 2020 Teacher Book Reviews

April 2020 Teacher Book Reviews

Supporting Reading at Home

Your child will bring home a reading book that is closely matched to their current reading development. This means that, on the whole, the book will contain the specific phonics and words they have been learning at school.

Please support your child to read this book as independently as possible. It is a good idea for them to read the book more than once to help them practise fluency. If they get stuck help them to sound out the word, or tell them the word and make a note of the difficulty in the Reading Record comments section.

Your child will also bring home a library book. This book may contain phonics and words that your child has not yet been taught. Please support your child by reading this book to them, or sharing the reading together.

Please enjoy reading with your child and chat with them about the contents of the books they bring home. Your comments in the Reading Record help us to understand your child’s preferences, successes and challenges.

Support children with reading
Top tips on hearing your child read.
Reading tips for parents to encourage children to read at home
What is comprehension?
Moat Farm’s Reading Tips
Glossary of reading terms
Reading is magic

At Moat Farm we are passionate about reading; it is the key to effective learning. With this in mind, we would like to invite all children to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge.

Moat Farm has joined together with the Silly Squad to keep children reading throughout the summer to build their skills and confidence.

This year, Silly Squad, the Summer Reading Challenge 2020, will celebrate funny books, happiness and laughter. Children taking part in the Challenge will join the Silly Squad, an adventurous team, who love to have a laugh and get stuck in to all different kinds of funny books!

Click on the image to get involved!

So, what are you waiting for?

Summer Reading Challenge Sheet

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