Summer HT 1; School is still only open for children of key workers and all pupils should be checking the website daily for work. If any pupils wish to talk to someone in confidence about anything worrying them please email
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All of our latest school policies can be downloaded below.

Moat Farm Junior School policies 

Accessibility Plan 2019-2022
Acceptable use Policy (ICT) MFJS 2019-2020
Admissions Policy 2020/2021

Anti-Bullying Policy -MFJS -2019-2020
Attendance Policy MFJS 2019/2020

Behaviour Policy 2019/2020
Charging and Remissions Policy  2019/2020
Charging for school activities – May 2018
Child friendly Anti-bulling leaflet
Child friendly – Behaviour leaflet
Complaints Policy December 2019
DFE School uniform guidance
Drugs education policy 2019/2020
E-Safety Policy MFJS 2016-2017

Equality Principles MFJS 2019
First Aid Arrangements Policy 2019/2020
Health and Safety Policy 2019/2020
 Homework Policy MFJS
Home school agreement 2019/2020
Late Collection Policy 
Lettings Policy 2019/2020
Moat Farm Junior Inst of Gov 2014

Moat Farm Junior School Extended Services Policy
Mobile phones in school MFJS 2019-2020
Parent Code of Conduct MFJS 2019-2020
Parent friendly Anti-bullying leaflet MFJS
Physical Restraint Policy 2019-20
Policy for supporting pupils with medical conditions MFJS 2019/2020
Policy on dealing with acts of violence and aggression 2018/2019
Preventing Violent Extremism in School Policy MFJS 2019-2020

MFJS Safeguarding Policy September  2019
School Fire Procedures 2018/2019
SEND Information Report MFJS 2019/20

Serial and Persistent Complainants Policy
SEND Policy September 2019
Smoke Free Policy 2019/2020
Social Networking Policy 2019/2020
SRE Policy 2019/2020
Uniform Policy 2019/2020

GDPR Policies 
Data Protection Policy
CCTV Policy School May 2018 V1.1
Privacy Notice school workforce
Privacy Notice for visitors
Schools Pupil Privacy Notice

Sandwell Council Policies 

Attendance & Prosecution Service (Sandwell)
Equality Policy 2012
Sandwell Penalty Notice 

School social media guidance 
Whistleblowing Policy for schools 2015

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