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All of our latest school policies can be downloaded below.

Moat Farm Junior School policies 

COVID-19 Visitor
COVID-19 School Risk Assessment

Accessibility Plan 2019-2022
Acceptable use Policy (ICT) MFJS 2019-2020
Admissions Policy 2020/2021

Anti-Bullying Policy -MFJS -2019-2020
Attendance Policy MFJS 2020/2021

Behaviour Policy 2019/2020
Charging and Remissions Policy  2019/2020
Charging for school activities – May 2018
Child friendly Anti-bulling leaflet
Child friendly – Behaviour leaflet
Complaints Policy December 2019
DFE School uniform guidance
Drugs education policy 2019/2020
E-Safety Policy MFJS 2016-2017

Equality Principles MFJS 2019
First Aid Arrangements Policy 2019/2020
Health and Safety Policy 2019/2020
 Homework Policy MFJS
Home school agreement 2019/2020
Late Collection Policy 
Lettings Policy 2019/2020
Moat Farm Junior Inst of Gov 2014

Moat Farm Junior School Extended Services Policy
Mobile phones in school MFJS 2019-2020
Parent Code of Conduct MFJS 2019-2020
Parent friendly Anti-bullying leaflet MFJS
Physical Restraint Policy 2019-20
Policy for supporting pupils with medical conditions MFJS 2019/2020
Policy on dealing with acts of violence and aggression 2018/2019
Preventing Violent Extremism in School Policy MFJS 2019-2020

MFJS Safeguarding Policy September  2020
School Fire Procedures 2018/2019
SEND Information Report MFJS 2019/20

Serial and Persistent Complainants Policy
SEND Policy September 2019
Smoke Free Policy 2019/2020
Social Networking Policy 2019/2020
SRE Policy 2019/2020
Uniform Policy 2019/2020
Visitor Information 20/21

GDPR Policies 
Data Protection Policy
CCTV Policy School May 2018 V1.1
Privacy Notice school workforce
Privacy Notice for visitors
Schools Pupil Privacy Notice

Sandwell Council Policies 

Attendance & Prosecution Service (Sandwell)
Equality Policy 2012
Sandwell Penalty Notice 

School social media guidance 
Whistleblowing Policy for schools 2019

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