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Moat Farm Junior Trust Governing Board 2018/2019

Committee booklet September 2018/2019


Name Post Term Office Start date Term Office End Date Committee/ Responsibility Appointing Body Other School Governor posts held Business Interest Declared   Connections to staff  
Lara Stone   Head     All Committees   none none none
Lynne Foster LA 10/10/2018 10/10/2022   Provisions & Pay   GB None SIPs Employee None
Amy Goode   Co-op 01/09/2016 01/09/2020 Chair of GB Outcomes Provisions Pay H/T  Performance GB None None None
Debbie Ansell Co-op 28/03/2019 28/03/2023 Outcomes GB None None None
Karen Jackson Co-op 10/10/2018 10/10/2022 Health & Safety GB      
Lisa Shilton Parent 28/03/2019 20/03/2023 Outcomes GB appointed Parent None None None
Laura Braznell Staff 04/01/2016 04/01/2020 Provisions ( Advisory) Health & Safety   Staff elected Stourvale MAT. Newfield Park Primary. None None
Deborah Walker Co-op 28/03/2019 20/03/2023 Provisions GB Head of and member of the GB of Moat Farm Infant School None None
Vacancy             Parent       Parent elected None None None    
Hannah Massey Co-op 30/11/2016 30/11/2020 Vice Chair Chair Outcomes Chair Health & Safety Safeguarding Governor H & S Governor H/T Performance GB Chair of Governors Moat Farm Infants  (2019)  Employed by Smile Education, who provide supply staff to the school.     None
Leah Pritchard Co-op 17/04/2018 17/04/2022 Outcomes Health & Safety Pay SEN Governor GB None Employed by Smile Education providing supply staff to the school. None
Vacancy Trust         Trust Board      
Vacancy Trust         Trust Board      

Grace Cox (Co-opted) resigned October 2018

Emma Kirk (Parent) resigned December 2018

Sarah (Bobbi) Lowe (Parent) resigned March 2019

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